Object Storage Issues in EU


During the past 20h hours, there was some trouble with the Object Storage in EU. The underlying service reported to be up and running, while it was indeed not working correctly. The service was in an ON/OFF status, sometimes working, sometimes not. Sometimes 503 errors where shown when calling assets stored in the Object Storage via HTTP. It also produced all kind of errors with CRUD operations, think uploads (manually or programatically).

Once identfied the issue was easy to fix. It was just very hard to see. Particularly annoying: Some clients have reported issues which we have not correctly identified, connected and priotized. It was the first issue of this kind. We are now, of course better prepared. Better monitoring will be implemented. We have not yet identfied the root of the issue, but are working on that. For the next days, we will have an extra eye on the Object Storage.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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