Under the hood maintenance, part 2 — US

Wednesday, 5 June 10 hours

We are finishing up for the day and will continue tomorrow.

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We are still working and upgrading server by server, it is taking more time than expected. Downtime for single Apps should still be minimal.

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We are on it. Sorry for the inconvenience and downtimes on deployment during the last days one more time. We will provide a post mortem as soon as we have the time and all the details. Please be assured that we are on it — full power. We are currently still discussing issues and status and plan to proceed with the planned maintenance soon. We will update here.

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The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


So after a shaky original under the hood maintenance, we still need to do the missing parts. We will run updates on the web delivery services in the US. Expected downtime for individual Apps is about 30 minutes. It will happen one by one. Pro Apps on High Availability (production) plans are expected to have minimal downtime.

More on the updates: https://blog.fortrabbit.com/under-the-hood-updates-2019-06

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Affected components
  • US
    • Pro Apps
      • Web delivery
      • Object Storage
      • Memcache
      • Worker
    • Universal Apps