Dashboard relaunch

Wednesday, 25 February 5 hours

NOW, 22:54 Berlin local time. It's finally done. The new Dashboard is up and running. Also updated: www.fortrabbit.com, blog.fortrabbit.com and help.fortrabbit.com.

Learning: Never under estimate all the glitches it takes to launch three websites at once — especially when one is a highly complex App.

Sorry NOT COMPLETED YET, it takes a little longer than originally expected. We are currently reviewing the migration results. We want to make sure that everything is imported correctly.

dear statuspage.io — love your service, but as we were working contentrated we haven't had the deadline of the maintenance in mind, now it says 4 hours ago 22:00 and i can't change the status completed. argh.

So far, so good. The Dashboard is currently under maintenance. The migration is ongoing. It takes quite a while exporting the whole data sets.

Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.

It's coming! We are finally upgrading to our new Dashboard system. That's why we'll take down the old fortrabbit Dashboard (my.fortrabbit.com) itself on this day. So you won't be able to log in to our control panel for about 5 hours. Everything else should not be affected. In other words:

  • Your Apps will be online the whole time
  • You can still deploy (Git/SSH)
  • But you can't change App settings or scaling for the timeframe

The migration itself is designed to break nothing — so that no further action from your side is required. New features will be available while old settings, credentials and workflows will stay intact.

Keep reading: blog.fortrabbit.com/new-dashboard-migration-guide/ more informations will follow up.

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