Under the hood maintenance, part 3 — US (reposted)

Thursday, 6 June 9 hours

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.

We have noticed that some clients have used the IP of their App to route their domains. The IP of your App will change with this update and that we do not advice to use an IP for DNS routing, use the host name (App URL) as a CNAME record. This applies to "www" and any other sub domain records, not the naked domain (for which we are offering the redirect service, that IP stays of course).

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We are now proceeding with todays maintenance. Expected downtime for Universal Apps in US are around 30 minutes per App.

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The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


Sorry, a REPOST here: We have accidentally posted this on the wrong day. It's supposed to run on Thursday, the 6th of June, of course:

So it takes much longer than anticipated, but - slowly - we make progress. We have to continue the progress of updating Nodes tomorrow. It's the same thing that has been happening today. The updates will include some downtime for web delivery in US, individual on a per App basis. We try to update this thread frequently.

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Affected components
  • US
    • Pro Apps
      • Web delivery
      • Object Storage
      • Memcache
      • Worker
    • Universal Apps
    • MySQL